Formosa Asahi Spandex Co., Ltd.           

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Company Profile

1. Name:  Formosa Asahi Spandex Co., Ltd. F.A.S.

2. Establishment:  1998.05.08.

3. Capitalization:  NT1 billion

4. Holding:  Formosa Plastics Corporation (Taiwan) 50%;Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation (Japan) 50%

5. Investment:  NT2.9billion

6. Capacity:  5000MT/Y of Spandex

           (Vertical production from raw material PTMG down)

           21,000MT/Y of PTMG

7. Chairman:  Mr. J. N. Lin

8. President:  Mr. Nozomu Takaki

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Phone No.

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Rm. 386 12F Tun Hwa North Road Taipei Taiwan


Ext: 6795



Formosa Industrial Park No. 1-1 Mailiao Yunlin County Taiwan



Introduction of Product

We adopted the patented process of dry-spinning method developed by Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation with the brand name “Roica”, which is the registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation.

SPANDEX , also called “PU Spandex”, has high elasticity and contraction as rubber, while its strength and elongation, friction strength, embrittlement resistance, and chemical resistance are superior to rubber.

Normally, the composition of spandex in stretch fabrics is 5~20%. Spandex is used for various fabrics such as weaving, knitting… etc., and the fabric property varies according to the characteristics of Spandex. Nowadays Spandex has become one of the essential sub-materials in textile industry.

PTMG (Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol) is a blend of linear diol in which the hydroxy groups are separated by repeating tetramethylene ether groups, It is a waxy, white solid that melts to be a clear, colorless, viscous liquid on a wide temperature range near room temple. PTMG reacts easily with isocyanates(MDI, TDI etc.) or the like, to give a variety of polymers, which have the characteristics of superb abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, excellent dynamic properties including resilience under low temperature, resistance to fungus attack. .

Formosa Group has been making great contributions to the development of Taiwan textile industry. Recently, we have introduced Spandex, which is able to add high value to fabrics. From now on, we are pleased to support not only the existing customers developed by Roica Division of Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation but also the new other customers. We are hoping to team up with everyone to create and support domestic development of higher-line special and functional fabrics with all the efforts. High quality of PTMG has been supplied to domestic PU industry and Spandex markers as well.